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Before you even think of having a house, make sure that you will begin saving money. Saving is preparing for your expenses in building and acquiring a house. You have to make sure that you will not just dream about it but also do something in order to achieve the dream.
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SKC Construction Services is a highly respected company delivering services that include specialist all-terrain vehicle hire and haulage. They carry out repairs to existing embankments that have slipped or are failing. The repair methods include construction of gabion walls, sheet pile walls, and king post walls with timber or concrete infills.
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SKC brings a host of capabilities to major infrastructure projects through an integrated approach that spans the life cycle of infrastructure to professional & support services".

  • Ethical business practices.
  • Collaborative and creative work environment
  • Caring culture towards employees and society
  • To be a responsible corporate body by committing to enhance.
  • To provide a climate of transparency, mutuality.
  • To maximize stakeholder value through continuous adoption.

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SKC & ACI Construction project managers
are often tasked with balancing a variety
of duties at once. They are often responsible


SKC Construction & ACI Construction Integrity
Construction Services is a Construction Management, Design/Build, and General Contracting
firm specializing in commercial construction.


Success in SKC Construction & ACI construction
is dependent upon how well a business positions itself with customers and outperforms


SKC Construction & ACI Construction Not only
does construction site safety decrease the risk of injuries to the public, but it also reduces the risk of work-related injuries and accidents.


SKC & ACI We wouldn't be a “Community”
without our great people. We are consistently
looking to grow our team with motivated,
resourceful people.


SKC & ACI Construction Sustainability can be one of the most challenging aspects of this industry. Because Working on Buildings are constructed
used natural resources.

About Company

Our Founder

"S.Kesavamoorthy, started out as a small contractor undertaking and supervising the construction of irrigation systems." As an early entrant in the field of construction, Shri S.Kesavamoorthy, started out as a small contractor undertaking and supervising the construction of irrigation systems. He established SKC Constructions in the mid 50s and led from the front. The company is today a symbol of his ideals, his values and the integrity he brought to the business of construction. S.Kesavamoorthy was also a philanthropist who worked tirelessly toward community development and social empowerment. At SKC, we are leveraging on our rich past to address projects for the present with the objective to build the India of tomorrow.